Class 1

Discussion: What is Travel Writing?

Types of Travel Writing:

  • Destination = focus on common tourist activities (beaches, golf, shopping, dining); help readers decide if want to go to location; places along heavily traveled tourist routes (Fla, Cali, Hawaii, NYC, Caribbean).
  • Special Interest = activities relating to travel – food, shopping, accommodation, sports, gardening, art, antiques; Inform readers how they can learn about their hobbies in a different location or pursue personal interests while vacationing; sometimes needs expertise in subject.
  • Journey = focuses on mode of travel or how you get to location (scenic drives, cross country railroad, RV, biking, yacht);  recreates mood of journey; final destination not as important; include some advice & history of type of transportation; appeals to armchair travelers.
  • Historical = readers are history buffs and travelers interested in visiting homes, battlefields, forts, churches, burial grounds; transport readers back in time; focus on past (ignore modern).
  • Event (Historical or Holiday) = tied to anniversary, holiday or historical event; depends on date; Approach editor months in advance.
  • Roundup = a list of items with common theme – best restaurants to take kids in location, top beaches on a shoestring, holidays from hell; Travel vignettes.
  • Side Trip = short trip from a major destination; taking traveler off well-traveled route for 1-2 days.
  • Outdoors/ Recreation = involves physical challenge and adventure; biking trips, water sports, recreation for people with disabilities, family sports, eco-tourism (responsible tourism, supporting indigenous businesses, local conservation); Don’t need to be expert to write on topic – can be a beginner trying out sport.
  • Personal Essay = classic travel writing, endures as literature; 1st person POV; explore personal experiences.
  • Service or Advice (Consumer-related, no need to leave home) = focus on health insurance needed while traveling, changes in passports/ security, bargains & discounts, currency, packing lightly, staying healthy, international business etiquette; alerts readers to issue & how may impact travel.  Provide background info & suggestions on how to cope. Practical advice – do’s & don’ts. Get research from updates from Government agencies.

ACTIVITY 1: Find examples of  TYPE of article you are interested in writing. Analyze article for:

  • POV
  • Text boxes, photos, captions, etc.
  • Length
  • Where does Your Type appear in magazine – front, middle, end?

Discussion Topic: Magazines

Websites listing Online Magazines to submit writing to:

Activity 2:   Structure of the Article:

  • Beginning – no. of paragraphs, what is the lead/hook/ theme (what draws you in as reader or sets the scene/ primary purpose for article)
  • Middle – organized by theme (ascending succession of examples leading to overriding point) or Narrative (chronological sequence of anecdotal incidents that reveal main point).
  • End – how does writer wrap it up/ what is the last impression= last line.
  • What is great about article?
  • What can you incorporate into your own writing?

Writing Practice:



  1. Here’s the link for coyle hospitality. Enjoy.

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