Class 2

Guest Speaker: Lisa Lubin via Skype

Intro – Planning Document

Lead: most important part of the story because it sells the story.

How to write a Lead:

  • Describe the moment you first felt a connection to topic/ location.
  • What makes you excited about the topic/ location?
  • When people say – how was your trip? What’s the first story that comes to mind?

Lead Checklist:

  • Analyze why the story appeals to you/ Why would others be interested in reading about it?
  • Does it tie in with something topical from today or that will be news in the future?
  • Don’t put too much of YOU in this – instead you are telling the story so the reader will know what it is like to be a traveler in this place.

Sources of Publication:

Writer’s Market – Sections:

  • Consumer – Travel, General Interest, Contemporary Culture, Women’s & Men’s Interest, InFlight, Literary
  • Trade – Travel
  • Newspapers
  • Contests & Awards

Terms: (from Writer’s Market)

  • North American Serial Rights= writer gives publication the right to publish article for first time; publication retains rights for specified time & then rights returned to writer who may resell article.
  • One-time Rights = nonexclusive rights purchased by publication to publish the work once; writer can sell article to other publications at the same time.
  • Second Serial (Reprint) Rights = nonexclusive rights given to publication to publish article after already appeared in print.
  • All Rights = writer sells every right they have for the article; can never resell piece again.
  • Kill Fee = % of fee if your work was accepted but ended up not being published.


Analyzing the Reader:

  • Target Population: families, business, adventurous/ independent, couples, backpacker, etc.
  • Advertisements: earnings, personal tastes, dreams, where do readers spend money?
  • Coverage of Topics: read back issues to determine if your topic was already a past trend.
  • Photos: black & white, realistic/ abstract, small/ large.
  • Contributing Writers: size up your competition.


  • Use Writer’s Market to ID publication to submit your work to.
  • Visit website of publication to analyze reader.
  • Fill in Planning Guide with info about Writer’s Guidelines & Target Reader information.

Additional Reference Sources:

  • Editor and Publisher International Yearbook
  • Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media
  • International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses
  • Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory
  • Literary Market Place
  • Chase’s Calendar of Events

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